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Index of 411 Direct *.dat download files

Name Description
fagy.dat State Government Agency Listings
fcity.dat City Government Agency Listings
fcnty.dat County Government Agency Listings
funiv.dat State University Agency Listings
fcommc.dat State Community College Listings
fschool.dat School Board Agency Listings
fpers.dat Personnel Listings
fsubj.dat Subject Index - Various Listings
fragy.dat State Agency Abbreviations
frcity.dat City Abbreviations with area codes
frcnty.dat County Code Abbreviations
fruniv.dat State University Abbreviations
frcoll.dat State Community College Abbreviations
frschool.dat School Board Abbreviations

For questions regarding the SUNCOM system or 411 directory data,
please call (850) 488‑1234 or (866) 693‑6748. Spanish Operators: (888) 311-3233.

The State Directory Assistance Center is open Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM EST.

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